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Glass Bead Dispenser

Holds 30 lbs. of glass beads!

Spreads beads on line evenly without waste. Our bead dispenser is recommended for all street work. It is gravity flow and restriction free. Holds 30 lbs. of glass beads, enough for 5 gallons of paint at 6 lbs. per gallon. Adjustable flow rate from 1 - 10 lbs. per gallon. Provides immediate reflectorization for night driving and helps extend the life of paint up to 50%.


Single Line

Double Line

Double Line Kit

Here's a great time saver for those big double line jobs - ideal for streets. Dual controls enable you to spray each line separately. Lines adjust from 3" to 10" apart. Comes complete with everything you need for second line. Includes 4" spray box, commercial shut-off valve, hand control, cable, paint line, adjustable box hanger, paint line support, and guide line pointer.


Complete Kit

Model 523 Hand Spray Gun

This commercial hand gun is designed for years of reliable service and will handle any type of paint. Almost every striping job requires a good handgun for spraying arrows, symbols and stop bars. Comes complete with 25 ft. of retractable paint line, 2 spray tips, and an 18" brass extension for spray assembly.

Hand Gun


36" Curved Brass Extension
(for hand gun shown above)

36" Curved
Brass Extension



Model 258k Hand Spray Gun

Hand gun comes complete with 10 ft. of paint line, 2 spray tips and a 24" brass extension for spray assembly.

Hand Spray Gun

Model 57 Water/Solvent Flushing System

Refillable tank holds enough solvent to clean spray assembly 20 times. A touch of the finger flushes paint out of spray assembly in seconds, preventing paint from drying on the tip when not in use. Complete with chrome-plated 1 qt. brass tank, fittings, hoses, and funnel.

Single Line:

Double Line:


Different Width Spray Boxes Available

All Trueline Stripers come with a 4" Spray Box, this size is good for 99% of all striping, commonly used for parking lots, all football and soccer fields and most indoor facility striping.

Speciality Size Boxes Available

2" Spray Box (used for running tracks, outdoor basketball and tennis courts on pavement or concrete). Comes with complete spray assembly

3" Spray Box for a little wider line in your industrial plant). Comes with complete spray assembly

4" Spray Box The standard size box that ships with all Trueline units. Comes with complete spray assembly

5" Spray Box (used occasionally on parking lots for re-striping existing lines and covering old, wider that 4" lines). Comes with complete spray assembly.

6" Spray Box (commonly used on streets, roads, highways and some parking lots). Comes with complete spray assembly.

8" Spray Box (used for railroad crossings and shipping ports). Comes with 2 complete spray assemblies, a Y-Hose Adapter and adjustable box hanger.

12" Spray Box (commonly used on airports, crosswalks or stop bars) comes with 2 complete spray assemblies, a Y-Hose Adapter and adjustable box hanger.

Every spray box comes complete with a 7-part spray assembly. NOTE: 8 and 12 inch spray boxes have 2 complete spray assemblies, a Y-adapter and a box hanger)

2", 3" or 4" box

5" or 6" box

8" or 12" box

30 day Satisfaction Guarantee
When you purchase a Trueline Striper or any attachment, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied within 30 days or you may return it for a full refund!

10 Year Warranty
Against rust-through on tanks and chassis

2 Year Warranty
Against defective parts and workmanship

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